Friday, April 29, 2011


A funny story about Julia - Preface: We moved back into our home last April. We originally bought this house in 2004, and when Seth got hired on with Union Pacific, we moved to Tucson in Jan of 2007, then Yuma, then Chandler. We were renting our house out and our renters moved out last Spring. So, Julia was about 18 months when we moved from this home. For her first birthday, she received this:

Little by little, all the coins began disappearing. I thought for sure when we moved I would find them all stuffed under the couch or something, but they never did show up. I assumed Julia had somehow put them in the trash, and they were long gone.

Jump to last winter: It actually got cold enough in Arizona to justify turning on the fireplace (it is a gas powered with a switch)! This wasn't the first time we used it all winter, but I noticed that once again, it had a funky smell. We thought it was either the glue the manufacturer used to put the fake logs together or just the dust and grime that had built up over the years. Seth decided to turn it off, let it cool, open it up, and do some maintenance. Here is what he found when he took the top panel off:

There they are! Melted to a crisp! There is a slot just barely big enough for an 18 month old to slide them right in! Such a stinker! Julia, at age 5, thought it was quite hilarious! Love that girl!!

And, just to keep the stinkerness amongst my kids equal, here is what Sophia did when I asked her to clean her room:

Wow Sophia, it is really clean...or...maybe not so much!


Courtney said...

Psh... I TELL Porter to just put all of his toys in his closet when it's time to clean. And he won't even do that unless I stand over him with a "do it or be spanked" expression on my face. Count yourself lucky!

Carol said...

I love how she cleaned her room - that is hilarious!

what in the heck is that they melted with the fireplace?