Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Two blocks down, two to go...

I have a whoppin' two weeks off before my next block, so what to do? Catch up on blogging. :-) Even though my free time has dwindled this past semester, we still had time for some fun.

Peter Piper Pizza:


My birthday staycation at Gainey Ranch:

Some fun in the sprinklers with good bud Carter:

And some Easter morning fun:

All in all, we have been having fun and staying busy! Life is good! Until the end of August when I am finished with block three...okay, I will try to post some in between!


The Welker Family said...

Your girls are growing before my eyes!!! I LOVE Julia's face in the Disneyland picture where she's looking at the map!
Now that I can go to the temple here I should have a little bit more time on my hands when I come to Mesa. We need to get together! I will plan it.

Hadley Family Clan! said...

I love your blog and seeing some of your highlights with your family. Your girls are darling and I love their smiles. How fun that you went to Disneyland and what a fun birthday at Gainey Ranch!! Miss you Em:).

Carol said...

i love staycations! happy birthday!!! i am so glad you got to go to disneyland too!

Jolley's said...

Looks like you guys have been having LOTS of fun! I must say, both Disneyland and Gainey ranch are some of my most favorite places!