Saturday, February 6, 2010

Many thanks!

What a week! I have to give a public huge thanks to a few people who seriously came to my rescue this week! I had a minor outpatient procedure on Monday (nothing to worry about). As a result, some of my regular "motherly" duties seriously lacked this week! To make matters worse, both my girls had pretty nasty colds, and my mother-in-law (who I usually rely on as the back-up mommy to my girls, for which she gets an eternal THANK YOU) also caught the cold! :-( Thus, it was a rough week!

First, I have to say thank you to my husband!! He took great care of me on Monday, keeping me calm before the procedure, staying with me during it, and making sure I was okay after it. He kept the girls entertained, fed, and safe! He did dishes, laundry, made meals, swept, mopped, vaccuumed, and went grocery shopping for me (more than I do in a week when I am 100%)! And, he did all this while working Tues, Thurs, and Fri (took Monday off to be with me and Wednesday off to stay with the girls while I was at school)! And, he still managed to have plenty of time to play Warcrap (for which I refrained from giving him a hard time this week since he was perfecto in every other way!).

Second, I have to thank my father-in-law and my parents for watching my girls while Seth went to work and I went to school on Thursday. The girls had a great time scribbling with chalk all over the garage floor with G-Dog and picking oranges with grandpa to earn their beloved quarters! And, thanks for the citrus mom and dad! We really needed some vitamin C boosters around here!

Third, I have to thank my awesome friend Kenna for constantly offering to take Julia to preschool with Ethan even though it is my turn to drive them! I probably owe Kenna about $200 in gas money by this point!!

Finally, I have to thank my sisters for hanging out with me tonight! Although, Dear John was about the dumbest movie I have seen in awhile, I always have fun with my sisters!!

And one more thanks to Seth, who after a week like this, still let me go out with my sisters while he watched the girls!! Wow, I am one lucky lady!!


Kimberly said...

Good to know about The Dear John movie. I won't waste my money. I hope everyone is feeling better!

The Welker Family said...

Sounds like they all took good care of you - that's good you deserve it :)

carol said...

wow you have a great support system, thats awesome! what a good hubby to let you go out at the end of the week :)