Saturday, January 9, 2010

December '09

We had a fun-filled December and all that goes with the wonderful holiday season! Here are some highlights!

Sophia decided she wanted to follow in mama's friend, Sarah's footsteps and become a makeup artist. Sarah, we are going to need some tips!

Julia thought it would be fun to put on every single pair of pajamas she owns! That didn't last long. It may be December, but we do live in Arizona!

We helped Rhonda and Ernie make about 30 dozen tamales! ...Well some of us helped, while others managed to pull the bowl of Maseca over their heads!!

We took a family pic in front of the tree!

And of course, we went to Disneyland (and Knotts Berry Farm)! Aunt Sara, Uncle Will, Cousin Aleia, Aunt Leah, Stew (pretty much Uncle Stew), MeMa, and G-Dog came with us! It was so much fun! I love Disneyland during the holidays!

More to come with the rest of December! My dad celebrated his 70th birthday, Uncle Eli and Aunt Vanessa came to visit, and of course, I have Christmas day pics to share. However, since it is 2 AM, I am going to wait until tomorrow...or later today to post them!


the Painters said...

Oh i love it! The girls are getting sooooo big! And yes, I will teach little Sophia all the tricks of the trade....although I don't think she needs any help whatsoever! heehee

carol said...

ok i love your family picture! sophia is cute with her new make-up skills and i love the tamale mess - your girls look so happy in every picture!