Thursday, October 29, 2009

Disneyland etiquette

I have been to Disneyland several times (I know I am lucky right?!). However, maybe because I am getting older, I was never so annoyed by others at Disneyland as I was on this last trip.

1. When the ride states, no flash photography please, this does not mean as soon as you are not in the workers view you can start shooting pictures with your flash!! It is so annoying for the other riders! And seriously, what are you going to do with those pictures? Recreate the scenes? Good luck with that!

2. Even though you are at Disneyland, which feels like a huge playground, do not act like a kid unless you actually are a kid! Do not cuss out someone else in front of his kids, do not get in a fist fight because someone was rude. With thousands of people there, some of them are bound to suck. Get over it! We actually saw a woman run after a man after they got off the ride (running into others on her way), and cuss him out in front of his kid. I think it had to do with her asking him not to take pictures with his flash during the ride, and he said something rude back to her. Some people just suck lady. Walk away...don't chase him down to swear at him in front of his kid and mine!!

3. Do not stop to look at the fireworks, parade, characters, etc. if there are Disneyland workers all over the place telling you to keep moving. There are designated sitting areas. If you are not in one, get a move on!

4. Do not bring your kid to Disneyland if he is dripping snot and hacking all over the place! Hello, we don't need your swine flu!!

5. When you see a line for the characters, get at the end of it. Don't try to start your own. My kid wants to see Goofy just as much as your kid.

Okay, that is it for now. Despite the rediculousness I witnessed, I also witnessed the magic that truly is Disneyland. First, when I saw this tall, big, middle-aged man act like he threw out his back when trying to pull out the sword in the stone. The erruption of laughter that came from his kids was such a feel good moment! Second, when the little boy who was dressed up from head to toe like Woody from Toy Story got to take his picture with Woody! The excitement on that kids face was awesome! And of course, seeing my own girls so excited to be there, want to go on rides over and over, and eat every giant sucker we passed made it, once again, a great, memorable vacation!! Here are some pics:


Castle Family said...

#6. Don't make out in front of little children on the Jungle Safari (I actually don't know what the proper name is). It's just plain gross and my 4 yr old doesn't need to know what tonsil tennis is just yet.

The Welker Family said...

You crack me up!!! Those all sound like very reasonable requests to me. I'm totally jealous of your Disneyland trip - flashes, fights, and all.
Your girls are getting so big! I can't believe how long Sophia's hair is! I love Julia's facial expressions. And They are so brave to be doing "no hands" on all of those rides :)

carol said...

ok can i just say your disneyland etiquette should be posted out front of disneyland for all to read! amen to everything you said!!! i love it!!

ps - i am so glad you guys got to go and had a great time - i am totally jealous :)