Thursday, August 20, 2009


Julia started preschool at Happy Apple Preschool a few weeks ago. She is loving it! Her buddy, Ethan from church is in her class. I miss my girl for a few hours every other day, but I know she loves it and having the social time is great for her!
Here she is on her first day:

Sophia is hitting milestones too. She is having full conversations now. Most of the time, we know what she is saying. However, there are some occasions where she looks me right in the face and very convincingly tells me something that is total jibberish. I just nod and say, "Uh huh!" while I die laughing inside! She is adorable, but major trouble lately! She has also started potty training too. She has done #1 in the potty several times, but no # 2 yet. We're still working on it. I started a "potty basket" filled with $1 store toys to reward her. Here she is with her first reward (see the rocker necklace!):

We have also had some more trips to the cabin, lots of swimming, playdates with friends and family, and movies, and more movies (its hot outside!!). We are getting excited for the summer to be over though. Bring on Halloween!!

Here is a pic from the cabin:

Hope everyone else in enjoying their summer!!


carol said...

your girls are getting so big and cute! how fun for her to be in preschool :)

Jeremy & Echelle Slade said...

We need to get our girls together and have some fun! They are so cute!!!