Saturday, August 29, 2009


This evening, I decided to put Sophia down for bed and let Julia stay up later so I could we could spend some "Mommy and me" time together. We had fun drawing rediculous (seriously, I think Julia's were probably as good if not better than mine!) picture of her Uncle Booj's and Aunt Nessa's dog, Dexter. Then, we did the bedtime routine of potty and brushing teeth, and said prayers just outside her door so as not to wake the beast. When we quietely entered her room, Julia asked me if I could lay down with her and hold her hand. I replied, "Sure honey, but just for a little bit." And, in classic Julia response, she said, "Mom, what is a little bit?" I absolutely love that about this girl! She never misses a chance to learn! Since she was born, she quietly observes, memorizes, and puts into practice! Seth and I are constantly saying that she is too smart for her own good! Although, I want her to stay my girl forever, I can't wait to see what this smarty pants has in store!

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Courtney said...

Awww! I love those mommy moments! I usually try to sneak off to the store with only one girl occasionally so I can get some alone-time with them. I can't believe how big Julia is! I still think of her as only being 2!