Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bees, eggs, and other fun stuff

Since I am short on time these days, my posts have to cover more time and more events, so here goes...

My first fun story is about the bees. I came home from work a few weeks ago, and went into our bathroom to find a bunch of bees! There were probably about 15 of them or so! So naturally, I yelled for Seth to come kill them. He did a good job swatting them all with his shoe. Turns out there was a nest in the attic! Stupid bees! Here is a pic of the remains in the tub:

Anyway, nobody wants to see pictures of dead bees, so I will post some pics of what people do want to see (who wouldn't want to see these adorable girls!). Here they are coloring eggs for Easter:

Sophie had a good time watching after she tried to eat the egg (shell and all) that we gave her to color.

And here are some more random pics of the cuteness:

And here is the latest cuteness added to our family. This is my sweet nephew Jackson Miner:

He almost makes me want to have another one..."almost" being the operative word! :-)


carol said...

your girls look cute! i sure did enjoy seeing you at costco :)

Hadley Family Clan! said...

What Carol saw you at Costco!! I wanted to see you:). Your girls are so dang cute and I LOVE their cute skirts. Your nephew is so flippin cute and I love the name Jackson.

The Welker Family said...

That is crazy that you had a bee hive in your attic! Your girls are getting so big! I need to come and see you guys. That is funny that Sophia tried to eat the egg, that is how our Abby is - she would eat pretty much anything!