Monday, December 8, 2008


I love this little girl!! She tries my patience every chance she gets, but boy does she keep life fun!

The other day she brought me her swimsuit, swin diaper, and towel. She then proceded to undress.

She tried to show me that it was not too cold outside.

She was not happy when we continued to tell her no.

But, the next day we oblidged her and let her wear her swimsuit around the house over her clothes. She complemented the suit with mama's heels. Look out Miss America!!


Courtney said...

Stop cute is she! I haven't seen her in forever!

the Painters said...

Oh my goodness Ems! What a CUTIE! She is a ham! She looks a lot like Jay and Shannon's Kaiden in the last picture...her smile that is...not her coloring. haha.
It was GREAT seeing you on Saturday night. Let's get together soon!LOVE YOU!

Castle Family said...

SHe is getting so big! I love the progression in the photos. So darling!

Karla said...

She is a beauty! I guess you'll have to get a heated pool or hot tub now. :)

Jordan said...

I can't believe how big she is getting. Way too cute. Sometimes I can convice my girls the bathtub is more fun :o) Hey, Kayten will take what ever water she can get!!

The Welker Family said...

Oh my cuteness. I'd vote her in as miss America! I'm calling you cause I'm coming to town for one last shopping trip and I NEED to see you!