Monday, September 15, 2008

Julia's first day of preschool

Julia started preschool today! She is attending the Apples to Zebras program with the City of Chandler. Her teachers said she was a big help to another little boy in class today, so I was quite the proud mama of my own "little mama".


the Painters said...

Oh my gosh Ems! She is soooo cute and sooo grown up! What a little cutie. Isn't it weird how fast they grow!?

the Painters said...

What I really love, looking at the picture closer, is the sippy cup in her side pocket of her cute! It's like she's so grown up yet still a little precious.

Karla said...

Wow, you have a little girl that is going to school! What a big girl and I'm so impressed with her helpfulness. You have one cute little girl!

Hey, now that you are here, we NEED to get our girls together! Email me. Let's do this!

Courtney said...

Holy Hannah- is she old enough! It makes me so sad to see all of these little people grow up *tear*.

Hey, have you all heard the good news.... (well, it's good news for us)