Monday, June 2, 2008


Sophia turned one on May 7 (I know this post is way overdue!!)! We celebrated her birthday at Disneyland. She got to where a cute birthday button, and we got her the birthday bucket that included a little Mickey cake. As you can see, she thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sophia is such a happy, little sweetheart! We are so grateful she is part of our family! The following are some of Sophia's adorable traits and characteristics:

1. She thinks everything is amusing. I can't even get through a book with her. She laughs every time I point at something on the page.

2. She is so independent already! She only wants to eat something if she can pick it up and put it in her mouth herself. Hence, she eats Pasta Pick-ups quite often.

3. She is a good snuggler. She loves to sit with me and watch reality shows. American Idol and So you Think you Can Dance are some of our favorites.

4. She gets so excited when daddy comes home!

5. She loves the water (bath, pool, and unfortunately, toilet)!

6. When she is grumpy, she yells, "Ma ma ma ma...". I love that she needs me!

7. She holds Julia's hand when we are in the car.

8. She loves to kick back and put her feet up, literally! Whenever she sits in the stroller, she has to have at least one leg up on the tray.

9. She is so active! She climbs (or attempts to climb) on everything (couch, stairs, Julia's chairs, Julia's tricycle)!

10. That smile melts anyone who sees it!!

I love you "Sosie Sue"!! Happy Birthday!!


Courtney said...

Happy late b-day to the little sweetheart! I wish we could have seen her when you all were down, but hopefully we'll be making it down to AZ soon!

Hadley Family Clan! said...

Happy Birthday Sophie:) I was waiting for your mom to post a pic of your birthday...heehee. Happy Birthday to Julia today!!! I look forward to seeing you soon girl.

Sarah's Place said...

She is so adorable! Good job, Mom!