Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I had to post Sophia's birthday tribute yesterday so I could post Julia's today! :-) Today really is her birthday! We had a little gathering on Sunday with my family (thanks Shannon for the left over birthday cake). Today Julia got a Mickey Mouse pancake for breakfast and of course, we'll be having spaghetti for dinner (Julia can eat more spaghetti than me!!). We are going to have a little party for her on Saturday with Seth's family.

Some of the mentionables about Julia include:

1. She loves to dance!! She danced all night at Eli and Vanessa's wedding reception (pics to come).

2. She is such a good little mama already! A few months back, I was not feeling well. I told her I was going to get some medicine because I had a headache, and she kissed my knee and gave me a hug and said, "It's alright mama, I will make you feel better."

3. She loves to help with everything...dishes, laundry, cooking.

4. She loves to be outside. 100 degree plus temps are not a deterrent for her!

5. She loves to sing. At first, it was just primary songs at bedtime, but now she sings songs she makes up all the time! I have heard some good ones about food, Utah, getting married, Disneyland, and of course all her family members.

6. She likes to color. We have probably already caused the destruction of several trees from all the paper we've used. She has recently learned to draw a mountain. I was quite impressed.

7. She loves to play with her imaginary "boys". She refers to them as her boys too. To my knowledge they include Brandon, Tyler, Dallan, and Keagan. These are all real people, but they become imaginary when we are home, and she is putting them down for a nap, or feeding them, or going swimming with them...

8. She holds Sophia's hand in the car because she "has to help Sophia go night night."

9. She can count to ten in Spanish! Thank you again Dora and Diego.

10. She lets me snuggle her up in her towel after her bath and carry her like a baby to her room to get dressed. To me, she will always be my little baby!

Te Amo Ju-Ju-Bee!!! Happy, happy Birthday!!


Sarah's Place said...

She sounds like a wonderful little girl. How old is she? I bet you have a lot of fun with her. Thanks for all the cool facts!

Karla said...

Happy birthday to both of your beautiful girls! I loved reading about them. So fun! Congratulations on such a cute, cute family.

Hadley Family Clan! said...

Happy Birthday Julia!! You are such a darling girl:) My friend had her baby today. I love that she has imaginary boy's in her life. What cracks me up is that your mom said at Shannon's party that she was going to use the cake for Julia's b-day....and she really did...FUNNY! Gave me a great laugh.

Castle Family said...

Um, are our girls twins?? Meegan loves all those same things AND she has imaginary friends (that are real people) too! Weird! They definitley need to play together when you're settled in!

Courtney said...

She is so cute! Adi and Piper were mad at me because I told them they were going to get to play with her last week... but we're planning a trip down in October so we will HAVE TO get the kiddies together!