Thursday, April 3, 2008

Property Manager

If anyone knows a good property manager please let me know ASAP. Our tenant is moving out in May, and we would like to use a property manager with out next one to save us from the headache. :-) Also, if you know anyone interested in renting, please let us know! Thanks!!


The Welker Family said...

We just got one for our Queen Creek house. They have been great so far. How about you call me for the info. since I haven't talked to you FOREVER!???

Lopez-kids said...

Yes, I so need to call you!! You call me because I don't have your #! I got a new phone. Sophia slobbered all over my old one. :-)

Justin and Lori said...

Hey Em, I found your blog today and it is so fun to see all of your great pics. It is crazy to think that not that long ago we were all hanging out together over at the MCC institute and now everyone has such great families!