Monday, February 11, 2008

100 things about me...

Even as I write this, I am thinking there is no way I can come up with 100 things, but I too loved reading Kim's and Lanae's 100 things, so here goes...

1. I want to submit my husband's photo to Parenting Magazine's hot dads contest
2. When I was in college (walking around 'make it or break it' lake near the 'hoochie house') I had a really strong, all of the sudden, overwhelming feeling of love for my future children. It is the same feeling of love I have for them now.
3. I get along with all seven of my siblings, their spouses, and my parents extremely well.
4. I think my parents raised us extremely well!
5. I am hopelessly inadequate in comparison with my in-laws (cooking, sewing, raising children, etc.), but I could not have chosen a better family to marry into!
6. I have probably had about 20 best friends at one time or another. Many are still my best friends.
7. One of my best friends (Cindy) and I have known each other since preschool.
8. We used to walk to Walgreen’s at 11 PM at night to get candy when we had sleepovers (11 years old or so). Very different times!
9. I love having friends who are there for me anytime, and I love being there for them.
10. I love giving and receiving advice.
11. I used to hate being tall.
12. Now, I love that my girls will probably be tall.
13. In third grade, I was always chosen to be on the boys’ team in kickball at recess.
14. They called me sexy legs when I ran the bases (they probably did not even know what sexy meant at that age!).
15. I was very fast when I was little, but now I am a total slowpoke!
16. My favorite feature is my hair.
17. I have had some ugly haircuts!!
18. I played tennis, basketball, softball, track, and cheer my freshman year.
19. I played badminton 10th – 12th.
20. My teammate (Cindy, mentioned above) and I placed 5th in state for doubles our senior year.
21. My badminton coach and my softball coach from ninth grade were very influential people in my upbringing. They were inspiring.
22. I wish I had an indoor gym so I could play badminton whenever I wanted.
23. I get very bored when I work out or run by myself, hence I do not do it often enough.
24. I like being part of a team.
25. I HATE losing.
26. I was up until 3 AM one morning after losing a championship game of softball the night before.
27. Many times, I will not watch the end of a game if my team is losing, or I have to change the channel and come back because I get too upset.
28. I hate the SEC!
29. I am a conservative.
30. My husband frequently gets me to be objective on issues that I otherwise would not have been.
31. My husband is a conservative too, but loves to “push my buttons”!
32. We are both hardheaded and stubborn, which makes for some heated debates.
33. I love that about us.
34. I have always been attracted to a challenge.
35. I think Julia is smarter than almost everyone her age, but I cannot take credit for it.
36. I think Sophia is cuter than almost everyone her age…again, she does not get that from me.
37. I love when Julia acts like the little mommy to Sophia.
38. I only have two classes to take before I get my Masters in Health Administration.
39. I am going to complete nursing school before I finish my MHA (I start in the fall).
40. I have a BS in Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology.
41. I am interested in all aspects of health (care, science, administration).
42. I would like to make a difference in my community (state, nation, world), and hope to do so in the healthcare field.
43. I could have done very well in school if I applied myself more.
44. I do not regret not applying myself more, because I had some great times in college.
45. I resented the fact that science majors have to work twice as hard as other majors due to the labs.
46. I think most academic counselors are useless (especially at community colleges).
47. I am easily overwhelmed when I think about the problems we face in the world today.
48. I get upset when people discuss problems without offering solutions.
49. I do not like when people criticize the President as though they could have done a better job.
50. However, one of my favorite bands is Rage Against the Machine…I just like their music. Lyrics go in one ear and out the other. ;-)
51. I think people seriously underestimate the terrorist threat. Actually, I used to work for a member of the Defense Science Board for the DoD, so I know people underestimate it.
52. I have a very good understanding of the Plan of Salvation, and always have.
53. I consider myself very blessed for that.
54. My favorite bumper sticker reads, “It’s not a religion, it’s a relationship.”
55. I like to cook, but only with a recipe. I cannot make things up on my own.
56. I wish I could sew.
57. I love being out of the shower clean, but I do not like taking showers. It takes too much time (of course, I still do it for the sake of those around me ;-)).
58. I do like taking hot showers when I am cold or sick.
59. I have never broken a bone…only a few sprained fingers and toes.
60. I like action movies more than any other type of movie.
61. I like all types of music, but some much more than others.
62. I cannot really dance, but I try anyway.
63. I think Jewelry is a big waste of money! Do not buy me a necklace, just give me the cash!
64. I would like to live in San Diego someday.
65. I would like for all my friends and family to move there too.
66. I could (and probably have) eat a whole box of Milk Duds during the previews at a movie.
67. I never get sick of Disneyland.
68. I do get sick of Vegas after a few days.
69. I like going out of town to see a concert more than seeing it in my hometown.
70. I have been to so many concerts I cannot count them all.
71. For lack of stuff about me, I will list some of the bands I have seen (many of them more than once): RATM, Korn, Linkin Park, Staind, Incubus, Deftones, Jimmy Eat World, Collective Soul, U2, System of a Down, Jane’s Addiction, Pearl Jam, Sevendust, Static X, A Perfect Circle, Metallica, Limp Bizkit, Wallflower, Third Eye Blind, Onesidezero, Trapt, Seether, Smile Empty Soul, Brittany Spears, Depeche Mode, Erasure, REM, Sarah McLachlin, Dave Matthews Band, Green Day, Blink 182, No Doubt, NOFX, The Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots, and more…
72. I am very afraid of cockroaches and scorpions.
73. I love my husband’s obsession with Halloween.
74. My favorite holiday is Christmas.
75. I love buying presents for people.
76. I love to get good deals, especially on clothes.
77. I hate clutter in my house (a trait passed to me from my husband).
78. I am very systematic in taking care of my home and family.
79. I am easily irritated when my system is disrupted…something I need to work on.
80. Unlike most people, I like being a patient in a hospital. Please, wait on me all you want!
81. I do not like going into the ocean. I hate the salt water!
82. I love being at the beach, but not taking home the sand.
83. I like to eat out with my husband.
84. I love having my feet rubbed with lotion, but cannot stand it without lotion.
85. I love watching criminal type shows (Criminal Minds, CSI's, Law and Order, etc.)
86. I hate when those shows try to push a liberal agenda (which is pretty much all the time, but they are still entertaining).
87. My favorite color really is pink, but was not so until I was in college.
88. I love fast, twisty roller coasters. They make Seth sick.
89. I have been treated for being clinically dehydrated and still do not drink enough water on a daily basis. Another thing I need to work on.
90. I went a few years without drinking soda.
91. I usually only drink soda now when I go out to dinner or a movie, or need some caffeine.
92. I rarely fall asleep before midnight.
93. My little sisters and I used to make funny faces in the mirror, and not when we were little kids. This was when I was in my early twenties!
94. I love to host parties, but my husband…not so much.
95. I love to play board games. It’s a cheap fun night
96. I love eating a huge breakfast, although I do not enjoy making it, and thus usually eat cereal.
97. I drink a lot of milk (see the no broken bones above!).
98. One of my all time favorite things is when Julia puts her hands on my cheeks to talk to me sometimes.
99. I love taking naps when my girls are napping.
100. I love when my husband gets up with the girls and lets me sleep in!

Okay, that was seriously tough, but fun! I challenge all of you to come up with 100 things! I would love to read them!


Courtney said...

Holy hannah- how did you do that? I don't even think that there are 100 things to write about myself. Maybe I'll give it a try; it could be interesting...

Castle Family said...

That was so fun to read! We have some interesting stuff in common :) Like, I too, hate to take showers! Maybe I'll try this.

Hadley Family Clan! said...

I love everything you wrote:) It brought back some great memories of our college life and high school when you played badminton. You are an amazing friend and I could comment on all that you wrote, but it would take 100 comments:) Thanks for sharing and I am happy to hear that the make it our break it lake was in your top 100...your children are darling and so sweet just like their mom. Your family is amazing...ok I better stop or I might just have to write my thoughts...ahhh ok goodnight Em.... wait you left out the fact that you slept at the end of my bed haha.

Sarah's Place said...

Very nice job on the list of 100 things! I learned so much about you! You are awesome! I also did this! It is actually my very first post on my blog. You might have to do some searching, but check it out! It was really hard to come up with a 100 things. It probably took me a week!

Bri, Lanny, Ben, Jeff and Lukey said...

so fun...i don't think we ever talk about ourselves anymore just our kids. i too think sophia is gorgeous, but you already knew that.

molly said...

That was so fun to read :) I loved #85 and 86... Tim and I feel the exact same way!

The Blakes said...

Your list was so great! I learned a lot of new things about you...even more things to admire!

The Taits said... have definitely been to more concerts than I have! lol I do love it when people do this 100 things list! They are so fun to read!