Monday, January 28, 2008

What the ladies have been up to this month...

(Please push pause on the music player below before playing the videos.)

Standing in the crib (and yelling ma ma ma ma until I go get her):



Devising cool handshakes?:

Riding a new tricycle:

Running over mommy's house plant with a walker:


And more singing:

And more singing still:

And yet more singing (she really likes to sing these days):

And swinging:

As you can see, we have had a month full of growth and development! Everyday is more fun with these two turkeys! I am so blessed to be mommy to these sweet, little spirits!


magill family said...

they are sooooo cute! I love the singing:)

Jordan said...

Oh my goodness, how adorable are your little girls. I love Julia's singing esp. I am a child of God! Way too cute!!!!

Sarah's Place said...

I love it! They are so cute. I love that Julia is singing away and Sophie is just sitting there sweetly. How cute!

Courtney said...

Oh my- I haven't laughed that hard in a while! I can't believe how huge Julia is- we really need to get together again sometime... Sophia is crawling so fast already!

the Painters said...

Oh my GOSH! I love it allll! They are so beautiful and that Sophia, what a cutie patooty baby. Julia is growing so much too! What beauties you have Ems!

Hadley Family Clan! said...

I LOVE Julia singing and Mariyah loved hearing her sing too:) What fun pictures of your crazy and busy life with 2 girls. They are both so darling and I love that Sophia stands in her cribs and yells for mama. Why don't they ever yell Dada! Thanks for sharing Em.